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Waupaca Foundry Converts Steel Weldments to Iron Castings

Conversion from steel to cast iron benefits cost, quality, performance

OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers are continually challenged with reducing supply chain risk and driving down cost without sacrificing quality or delivery. Converting a steel weldment to an iron casting is often a smart, cost-saving option for manufacturers.

Conversion to iron casting allows for more precise consistency and replication compared to steel weldments, leading to enhanced function, fit and performance. A steel fabrication converted to a single ductile iron or gray iron casting allows manufacturers to replace several weldment parts with a single cast iron part that is both stronger and lighter. It also simplifies assembly, can reduce or eliminate machining, and also cuts labor and logistics cost. 

Additional benefits of converting welded parts to an iron casting:

  • Improve part durability and wear performance
  • Eliminate parts gap , warping and welding defects
  • Simplify assembly through scheduling and decreased labor time
  • Reduce parts inventory and cut administrative costs

Knowing when to switch to a casting is a collaborative effort. Waupaca Foundry works together with the OEM and machining supplier to determine possible areas for cost reduction and quality improvements through weldment conversion to iron casting. Foundry engineers can proactively evaluate the new iron components with MAGMA® iron flow and Arena-flow® core sand simulation models before tooling is built to confirm production part feasibility, quality and performance. 

Click on the case studies below to discover how Waupaca Foundry has helped OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers improve durability, increase performance and reduce costs by converting weldments into castings.

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